Source: History of Steuben County, IN 1885 p.559

A. M. Caswell, proprietor of the Hilton House, Fremont, Ind., is one of the pioneers of Steuben County. He was born in Geauga County, Ohio, Aug. 25, 1834, a son of Lorenzo D. and Eliza (Holt) Caswell, natives of Massachusetts, and early settlers of Geauga County. In 1836 his parents moved to Steuben County, Ind., and settled on the State line, on section 15, Fremont Township. They settled on a wild tract of land, and were obliged to live in a tent till a cabin could be built. Being late in the spring they cleared a small patch and put in a crop of corn for the next year's bread. Their meat was procured from the forests, deer, wolves, wild turkeys, bears and hogs being abundant. Their light was made by dipping a piece of cotton cloth into a saucer of coon's oil, and igniting it. To them were born five children - A. M.; Fatima, wife of M. Follett, died in Fremont; Oliver, died in 1867; Henry, of Quincy, Mich.; Julia. Mrs. Caswell died in 1848. Mr. Caswell is living in Quincy, Mich., aged seventy-four years. They were life-long members of the Methodist Episcopal Church. A. M. Caswell was reared and educated in the pioneer times of Steuben County. When nine years of age, he began to help his father in the field. In 1856 he embarked in the hotel business and in 1863 went to Quincy, Mich., and for two years was in the grocery business. In 1865 he returned to Fremont and bought the American House, which he exchanged three years later for a house in Waterloo, known as the Long House. He carried on this house six months and then sold out and returned to Fremont, and the following fall was employed as traveling salesman. A year later he bought a mill which he ran but a short time when he bought a farm on which he lived six years. Feb. 22, 1883, he again moved to Fremont and rented the Hilton House. He keeps one of the best hotels in Northeastern Indiana. It is furnished in good style and the table is always supplied with the best the market affords. In connection with his hotel he has a fine livery stable where will be found both single and double teams, for either gentlemen or ladies. Mr. Caswell was married March 17, 1859, to Leonia C. Barker, daughter of Samuel Barker. They have two children - Alice A., and Carrie, wife of J. B. Langworthy. In politics Mr. Caswell is a Republican.

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America's Successful Men of Affairs: An Encyclopedia of Contemporaneous Biography
Volume I page 133

JOHN CASWELL, merchant, son of William and Mary Buloid Caswell, was born at Newport, RI, Dec. 6, 1797, and died in New York March 29, 1871. He came to New York in 1811, being then fourteen years old, to serve as clerk for his uncle, Robert Buloid, then in business on Broadway between Maiden Lane and Fulton street. In 1820, the business was removed to Front street, near Burling Slip, and conducted under the name of Buloid & Finch. Upon the death of Mr. Finch in 1822, Mr. Caswell was taken into partnership, and the firm became Buloid & Caswell, until the death of Mr. Buloid several years later. Mr. Caswell then carried on the business in his own name for a time, but soon, with his brother, Solomon T. Caswell, and others, formed the firm of John Caswell & Co., about 1836. They remained at No. 87 Front street until the death of Mr. Caswell. They were one of the representative houses in the trade with China. By industry and integrity Mr. Caswell acquired a high reputation and a fortune. He was a modest and retiring gentleman, shrewd and sagacious, and distinguished for his conscientious character and unostentatious charity. A regular attendant at St. John's Chapel, then at the Church of the Ascension, and afterward of Trinity Chapel, he served as a vestryman of Trinity Church for many years. He was also one of the founders of St. Luke's Hospital, a director of The Union Bank, The United States Trust Co., The Continental Fire Insurance Co., and The Second National Bank, and at times held other positions of fiduciary trust. His property descended to his wife and five children.

American Biographical Library The Biographical CyclopŠdia of American Women; Volume I
Daughters of America; or Women of the Century

Brown, Emily Lynch; Educational Work; page 223

CASWELL, CAROLINE MATILDA, social settlement worker, daughter of Arthur and Sarah (Porter) Caswell, was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Among her ancestors were Ezekiel Richardson, who came from Norfolk, England, to Charlestown, in Winthrop's fleet, in 1630; Anthony Morse of Wiltshire, England, who settled in Newbury, Massachusetts, in 1635; and Benjamin Gage, born in Pelham, New Hampshire, August 10, 1740, who was a private in Captain Amos Gage's Company which marched in the Revolution from Pelham, September 29, 1777. Miss Caswell was educated in Charlestown High School. She is best known as the founder and President of the Frances E. Willard Settlement, Boston, Massachusetts. The Settlement is a living monument to her love of humanity and to her tremendous courage and ability in putting her devotion into practice. Miss Caswell has rare gifts and she uses these gifts entirely for others. Perhaps the secret of her charm lies most in the fact that she is so unassuming and so gracious. She is one of those unusual types whom everybody—men, women, and young people love. She has the enviable habit of always finding the best in others, and seems to have almost a magic way of drawing out that best. Her sense of justice is keen, and her understanding and sympathy for people in all walks of life have made her a friend to thousands. Like many who have lived big lives, she has, year in and year out, sacrificed her health, and, never possessing a robust constitution, she has risen wonderfully above weakness and physical pain, to which through life she has been subject. She would not let this deter her from work, and whatever needed to be done she met with, "If it is right and best we must do it." Her fine spirit makes working with her a pleasure, and her keen sense of humor lightens many a heavy task. As a friend, no one could be more loyal. The way in which the Frances E. Willard Settlement has grown, and the work has developed, proves that Miss Caswell has not alone power of vision, but initiative and splendid business ability. As a public speaker she always commands the closest attention. Her direct method of presenting her subject, and her sympathetic spirit with all that is good, give her the power to impress her hearers with the importance and the truth of all that she has to impart. All this, together with a clear and melodious voice, go to make a public speaker of force and conviction. Miss Caswell's work among the poor of Boston began with the dedication, on November 28, 1894, of three rooms, in a tenement house on Hanover Street, to be used as rest and social rooms for the young women working in the factories in the vicinity. The first Young Women's Home, at 11 Myrtle Street, was dedicated November 16, 1897. This home accommodated sixteen young working women, earning very low salaries, furnished opportunity for a public lunch for women in the lodging houses of the vicinity, and gave two rooms for work among the children of the neighborhood. The following year Miss Caswell organized the Loyal Temperance Legion for boys, and in 1899 she rented a beach house for summer work among working girls. In November, 1901, the Settlement was removed to 24 South Russell Street, Boston, which afforded much better facilities for the growing work, and in the summer a rest house in Dorchester was rented. In 1902 the increasing work among the children necessitated a playground, gymnasium, and special clubrooms. The Frances E. Willard Settlement was incorporated July 7, 1903, with Miss Caswell as President and General Manager, and, with increasing support and endowment, she was able in 1907 to purchase the property at 38-46 Chambers Street, Boston, where have been built the Settlement Clubhouse, for social work in the neighborhood, Phillips Brooks [p.223] Hall, for religious and ethical instruction, and Frances E. Willard House, a home for young working women. In the rear is a kindergarten playground and there is also a well-equipped gymnasium for boys. In 1909 property was bought at Bedford, Massachusetts, and here are maintained Llewsac Lodge, an all the year rest home for women, and, nearby, an Industrial Center, for women at the Lodge who need to earn money towards their board. Near Bedford, on the banks of the Shawsheen River, is Nellie Frank Hill Camp, established in 1916, for girls between twelve and twenty years of age belonging to the Settlement clubs and classes. Miss Caswell is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Consumers' League, the Boston City Federation of Women's Clubs, and many philanthropic organizations. She has devoted a great deal of her life to the interests of the Massachusetts Woman's Christian Temperance Union. During the World War she organized a campaign for raising funds for the war work of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, securing $55,000 for a field kitchen, an ambulance, the support of French orphans, and reconstruction work.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949 Biographies
page 959

CASWELL, Lucien Bonaparte, a Representative from Wisconsin; born in Swanton, Franklin County, Vt., November 27, 1827; moved to Wisconsin in 1837 with his parents, who settled near Lake Koshkonong, in Rock County; attended the common schools, Milton Academy, and Beloit College; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1851 and commenced practice in Fort Atkinson, Wis.; district attorney of Jefferson County in 1855 and 1856; served on the local school board for nearly sixty-five years; organized the First National Bank of Fort Atkinson in 1863, serving as president at the time of his death; member of the State assembly in 1863, 1872, and 1874; during the Civil War served as commissioner of the second district board of enrollment from September 1863 to May 5, 1865; organized the Northwestern Manufacturing Co. in 1866 and continued in its activities during his lifetime; delegate to the Republican National Convention at Chicago in 1868; elected as a Republican to the Forty-fourth and to the three succeeding Congresses (March 4, 1875-March 3, 1883); unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1882; organized the Citizens' State Bank in 1885, serving as its president for many years; elected to the Forty-ninth, Fiftieth, and Fifty-first Congresses (March 4, 1885-March 3, 1891); unsuccessful candidate for renomination in 1890; resumed the practice of law in Fort Atkinson, Jefferson County, Wis.; died in Fort Atkinson, Wis., April 26, 1919; interment in Evergreen Cemetery.

Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949 Biographies
page 959

CASWELL, Richard, a Delegate from North Carolina; born in Harford (now Baltimore) County, Md., August 3, 1729; moved to North Carolina in 1746; appointed deputy surveyor of the colony in 1750; clerk of the court of Orange County 1752-1754; studied law; was admitted to the bar in 1754 and commenced practice in Hillsboro, N.C.; member of the colonial house of delegates 1754-1771, and served as speaker the last two years; commanded the right wing of Governor Tryon's army at the Battle of Alamance in 1771; served in the Revolutionary Army; Member of the Continental Congress 1774-1776; commanded the patriots at the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge, North Carolina, February 23, 1776; appointed brigadier general of the New Bern District by the Provincial Congress in 1776; delegate to the State constitutional convention and its president in 1776; Governor of North Carolina 1776-1780, serving without pay from 1776 to 1778; commanded the North Carolina troops at the Battle of Camden in 1780; comptroller general in 1782; member of the State senate 1782-1784 and served as speaker; again elected Governor in 1785 and served until 1788; appointed delegate from North Carolina to the convention that framed the Federal Constitution in 1787, but did not attend; member of the State convention at Fayetteville, N.C., that adopted the Federal Constitution in 1789; member and speaker of the State house of commons in 1789 and served until his death in Fayetteville, N.C., November 10, 1789; interment in the family cemetery on his estate near Kinston, Lenoir County, N.C.

The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans: Volume II
page 143

CASWELL, Alexis, educator, was born in Taunton, Mass., Jan. 29, 1799; son of Samuel Caswell, a descendant in the fourth generation from Peregrine White, who was born on board the Mayflower. He was prepared for college at Bristol academy, and was graduated in 1822 from Brown university. From 1822 to 1825 he was a tutor in Columbian college, Washington, D. C., and from 1825 to 1827 was professor of ancient languages in that college. In the latter year he was ordained to the Baptist ministry and preached at Halifax, N. S., during 1827-28. In 1828 he was pastor of the first church in Providence, R.I., and from 1828 to 1850 held the chair of mathematics and natural philosophy in Brown university. He was transferred to the chair of mathematics and astronomy in 1850 and served in this position until 1863, when he resigned to attend to his private interests. In 1868, soon after the resignation of President Sears, Dr. Caswell was elected president of Brown university, and retained the [p.143] office until 1872. He was director, and afterwards vice-president, of the Providence athenŠum; president of the National exchange bank, Providence; of the board of trustees of the Newton theological institution; of the Baptist missionary union; of the Rhode Island hospital; one of the founders, and afterwards vice-president, of the American association for advancement of science; associate fellow of the American academy of arts and sciences; trustee and fellow of Brown university and one of the corporators of the national academy of sciences. Brown university conferred upon him the degrees of D. D. in 1841, and LL. D. in 1865. He is the author of Lectures on Astronomy (1858); Meteorological Observations 1831-60 (1860); Memoir of John Barstow (1864); Memoir of Prof . Benjamin Silliman (1866); Life and Christian Work of Francis Wayland (1867), and Results of Meteorological Observations at Providence, 1831-76 (1882). He died in Providence, R.I., Jan. 8, 1877. Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century. Addenda page xviii CASWELL, THOMAS HUBBARD, lawyer, author, was born in Exeter, N. Y., Aug. 10, 1825. He was judge eight years, Nevada county, California; moved to San Francisco 1878. In 1878-99 he was grand recorder of Grand Commandery, Knights Templars of California. He is the author of Hand Book of the Chapter

Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century. Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography page 201 CASWELL, ALEXIS, clergyman, college president, author, was born in 1799, in Taunton, Mass. He was a Baptist clergyman and educator; and for thirty-five years a professor at Brown university, and its president in 1868-72. He has lectured on Astronomy; and Meteorological Observations. He died Jan. 8, 1877, in Providence, R. I. View full context Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century. Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography page 201 CASWELL, LUCIEN B., lawyer, state legislator, congressman, born Nov. 27, 1827, in Swanton, Vt. In 1855 he was district attorney; a delegate to the republican convention of 1868; and a member of the state legislature in 1863, 1872, and 1874. He was elected a representative from Wisconsin to the forty-fourth, forty-fifth, forty-sixth, forty-seventh, forty-ninth, fiftieth and fifty-first congresses as a republican. He was on several important committees. View full context Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century. Herringshaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography page 201 CASWELL, RICHARD, soldier, state senator, governor, was born Aug. 3, 1729, in Maryland. From 1754 to 1771 he was a member of the colonial assembly, and for the last two years was speaker of the house of delegates. He commanded the right wing of Tryon's forces at the battle of Allamance, in 1771; was a delegate to the continental congress from 1774 to 1776; in 1775 was president of the provincial congress which framed the constitution of the state, and was elected first governor of North Carolina under it, holding that office until 1779. In 1780 he led the North Carolina troops in the battle of Camden; in 1782 was speaker of the senate, and comptroller-general, performing the duties of both offices until 1784, when he was again elected governor, and held that position until he became ineligible by the laws of the state. In 1787 he was a delegate to the convention for framing the federal constitution; in 1789 was elected state senator, and was a member of the convention which ratified the constitution; and was also speaker of the senate. He died Nov. 20, 1789, in Fayetteville, N. C. Genealogical Dictionary of New England Settlers Volume 1 Hide, blushing glory, hide Pultova's day. page 348 Caswell, Casewell, or Cassell, Stephen, Taunton, eldest s. of Thomas, m. 29 Dec. 1672, Hannah, d. perhaps of Christopher Thrasher, had Stephen, b. 11 Dec. foll.; Joseph, 18 May 1678; and perhaps others. THOMAS, Taunton, had Stephen, b. 15 Feb. 169; Thomas, 22 Feb. 1651; Peter, 31 Oct. 1652; Mary, 31 Aug. 1654, wh. m. 15 Aug. 1676, Israel Thrasher; John, 31 July 1656; Sarah, 30 Nov. 1658, wh. m. 3 July 1677, William Hoskins; William, 15 Sept. 1660; Samuel, 26 Jan. 1663; Eliz. 10 Jan. 1665, m. 1 Jun 1685, Uriah Leonard; Abigail, 27 Oct. 1666; and Esther, 4 June 1669.

Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 53 CASWELL, JAMES, m., 1794, Dorcas Brooks of Sandwich. THOMAS, from Carver, m., 1793, Susanna Wing. THOMAS, m. 1835, Deborah Brailey. WILLIAM, m., 1807, Nancy, wid. of Lewis Churchill.

page 59 CHURCHILL, AMAZIAH, son of 2d Elkanah, m. Elizabeth, d. of Solomon Sylvester, and had Caleb, 1747, m. Patience Nelson; Elizabeth, 1749; Amaziah, 1750; Faith, 1753, m. Ezekiel Morton; Elizabeth, 1755, m. Samuel Churchill; Lucy, 1757, m. Lewis Weston; Mary, 1758, m. William Weston; Mendall, 1760; Solomon, 1762, m. Betsey Bartlett. AMAZIAH, son of above, m. Betty Bartlett, 1776, and had Edward; Ellen; Betsey, m. George Robbins; Harriet, m. George Bradford; and Amaziah. AMAZIAH, son of. above, m. Martha Doten, 1799, and had Martha. 1800; and Betsey B., m. Henry Rob. bins. He m., 2d, Polly liarlow, 1808, and had Louisa H., m. Thomas B. [p.55] Sears; Amasa, m. Leonice M. Harlow; and Lionel, 1817, m. Lucy Jane, d. of Caleb Battles. ANSEL, son of 1st Ephraim, m. Bethiah Holmes, 1765, and had Ansel, who removed to Rhode Island; Priscilla, m. Benjamin Sampson; Patience, m. John Calderwood; John, m. Nancy, d. of Isaac Jackson; Bethiah, m. Zephaniah Holmes. ANSEL, son of 4th Ebenezer, m. Lois Caswell of New Bedford, and had Ansel, m. Sarah Delano and a Morse; Eliza, m. Smith Fuller; Henry James; George, m. Louisa Bonney; Maria, m. Samuel Fuller; and Mercy, m. Robert Weston. ASAPH, Milton, son of Zebidee, m., 1810, Mary, d. of Edward Gardner of Charlestown, and had Mary, 1811; Juliet, 1812; Asaph, 1814, m. Mary, d. of Darius Brewer of Framingham, and Mary Anne, d. of Jouathan Ware of Milton; Charles Marshal Spring, 1819: Joseph McKean, 1821, m. Augusla Phillips Gardner; Charles Marshal Spring, 1825, m. Susan, d. of John Phillips Spooncr of Dorchester. BARNABAS, son of 1st Joseph, m. Lydia Harlow, and had Barnabas, 1714; William, 1716, m. Susanna Clark; Ichabod, 1719; Joseph, 1721; Lemuel, 1723; Isaac, 1726, m. Sarah Cobb; Thomas, 1730, m. Mary Ewer; Ebenezer, 1732, Lydia, 1735, m. Nathaniel Holmes; John, 1739. BARNABAS, son of above, m. Lydia, d. of Eleazer Holmes, 1744, and had Elizabeth, 1746, m. Robert Davie; Barnabas, 1747; Job, 1751; Samuel, 1753; Seth, 1754, m. Elizabeth Sylvester; Job, 1756; Lydia, 1758, m. William Rider. BARNABAS, son of above, m. Sarah Faunce, 1780, and had Barnabas, 1784; Job, 1787; Barnabas, 1789. He perhaps m., 2d, Lydia Cole, 1803. BARNABAS, son of Job, m. Eliza, d. of John Eddy, 1833, and had Barnabas Lothrop, 1834; Elizabeth E., 1837, m. Lothrop T. Kimball; Robert Roberts; Frances Maria; Emma Frances, m. Henry L. Larned of Buffalo; Robert Bruce; Mary Louise, 1847, m. Charles Cobb; and Ann Lothrop, 1861, m. Arthur E. Lewis. BENJAMIN, son of 1st Stephen, m. Ruth Delano, and had Wilson, 1746; Benjamin, 1748; Abner, 1750. BENJAMIN, son of above, m. Phebe (Tinkham) Randall, wid. of Enoch, 1782. and had Nathan and Benjamin, 1785. BENJAMIN, Plympton, son of 1st William, m., 1717, Mary Shaw, and had Mary, 1720; Perez, 1722; Elizabeth, 1725; Jaines, 1726; Benjamin, 1728; Susanna, 1733. BRANCH, m. wid. Sarah Holmes, 1809. CHARLES, son of 1st Ephraim, m. Sarah, wid. of Isaac Churchill, 1765, and had Charles, Joseph, Rufus, 1771; Samuel, m. Bathsheba Collins; Elkanah, m. Eunice Finney; Sarah, m. Seth Finney; and Ephraim, m. Sally Finney. CHARLES, son of above, m. Hannah Bates, and had Charles, 1797; Betsey, 1799, Joseph, and Elkanah. CHARLES, son of 2d Thomas, m. Abigail, d. of Jonathan Russell of Barnstable, 1818, and had Charles Otis, m. Annie C., d. of Asa Whiting; Betsey R., m. Nathaniel Wood; Mary Elizabeth, 1819; Rebecca T., 1833; Catherine Bridgham, 1839. DANIEL, son of 3d Stephen, m. Sarah, d. of James Collins, 1797, and had Daniel; Lois, m. William F. Soule of Kingston; Sally, m. Harvey Weston; Jane, m. George Rider; Heman, m. Almira Holmes; and Eleanor, m. Albert Leach. DANIEL, son of above, m. Mary B. Brown, 1826, and had Daniel O., m. Eliza M. Hudson of Wareham; and Sarah Palmer, m. James Stone of Carver. DAVID, Plympton, son of 2d William, m., 1729, Mary Magoon, and had David, 1729; Hannah, 1733; William, 1739; Elias, 1742; James, 1746. EBENEZER, son of 3d John, m. Mercy, d. of Thomas Branch of Marshfield, [p.56] 1747, and had Ebenezer, 1749, m. Jane Bartlett; Branch, 1751, m. Mary Churchill; Bethiah, 1753; Bethiah, 1754; Rebecca, 1756; Mercy, 1759; George, 1761; Mercy, 1763. EBENEZER, son of 1st Barnabas, m. Jean Fisher, 1755, and had Ebenezer, 1755; Timothy, 1757; John, 1759; Jean, 1761; John, 1763; Martha, 1767. EBENEZER, m. Patience Faunce, 1775, and had Ebenezer, Branch, Bethiah, George, and Mercy. EBENEZER, son of above, m. a Palmer, and had Ansel, Alfred, Cornelius, and Rebecca. EBENEZER, Plympton, son of 2d William, had Hannah, Ruth, Leah, Joshua, Rebecca, Isaac, John. EDMUND, m. Mary Hueston, 1801. ELEAZER, son of 1st John, by wife Mary, had Hannah, 1676; Joanna, 1678; Abigail, m. Francis Billington; Eleazer; Stephen, 1685, m. Experience Ellis; Jedidah, m. Thomas Harlow; Mary, m. Edward Stephens; Elkanah, Nathaniel, and Josiah. ELEAZER, son of above, m. Hannah, d. of Robert Bartlett, and had Eleazer, 1714; Josiah, 1716; Jonathan, 1720. ELEAZER, son of above, m. Sarah Harlow, 1738, and had Hannah, 1739; Hannah, 1740; Sarah, 1741; Mercy, 1743; Eleazer, 1744, m. Jane Rider; James, 1747; Asa, 1748; Sylvanus, 1750; Sarah, 1755; Joseph, 1757; Phebe, 1759. ELEAZER, m. Abigail Bartlett, 1776, and had Charles. ELKANAH, son of 2d Charles, m. Lydia, d. of John Sherinan of Carver, and had Charles Henry and Ellen Barnes. ELKANAH, son of 1st Eleazer, m. Susanna Manchester, and had Amaziah; Meriah, m. Jabez Mendall of Plympton; and Elkanah, 1726. ELKANAH, son of above, m. Susanna Bartlett and had Susanna, 1749; Meriah, 1751; Elkanah, 1754; Jabez, 1756; Andrew, 1758; Abigail, 1760; Andrew, 1763. ELLIS, son of 1st Ephraim, m. Patience, d. of Josiah Churchill, 1764, and had Ellis, 1765; and Lewis. EPHRAIM, son of 1st Stephen, m. Priscilla Manchester, 1730, and had Mary, 1730, m. James Drew; Charles, 1733; Zacheus, 1734, m. Mary Trask; Ephraim, 1738; Priscilla, 1739, m. John Rider; Ellis, 1742; Ansel, 1745; John, 1748, m. Olive Cobb. EPHRAIM, son of 1st Charles, m. Sally, d. of William Finney, 1804, and had Ephraim Finney, and perhaps others. EPHRAIM FINNEY, son of above, m. Martha H. Whiting, 1827, and had Winslow W., m. Mary A. Burgess; Ephraim F., 1829, m. Hannah T. Atwood; Martha Ann, 1833; Almira C., 1839. GEORGE, son of 1st Ebenezer, m. Elizabeth Hkrlow, 1786, and had Ebenezer, 1787; Elizabeth, 1789; Branch, 1792; Sarah Warren, 1795. GEORGE, son of 5th John, m. Martha T., d. of Joseph Holmes, 1826, and had John, m. Martha, d. of Samuel West Bagnall; and Martha, m. George Sampson and William McAdams. HEMAN, son of 3d Stephen, m. Jane Churchill, 1795, and had Patience, m. William Randall; and Mary Ann. HOSEA, m. Eunice Morey, 1811, and had Hosea, 1813; Betsey W., 1815; Silas M., 1817; Bartlett and Henry, twins, 1822; John Clark, 1827. ICHABOD, Plympton, son of 2d William, by wife Rebecca, had Ebenezer, 1744; Joanna, 1747; Deborah, 1749; Ichabod, 1751; Rebecca, 1753, m. Ebenezer Cushman. By a 2d wife, Susanna, he had Thomas, 1756; Sarah, 1758; William, 1761; Eunice, 1765. ISAAC, m. Sarah Morton, 1780, and had Isaac, 1781; Sally, 1783. ISAAC, son of 5th Ebenezer, had Seth and Isaac. ISAAC, Plympton, who died 1778, by wife Susanna, had Isaac; Susanna, m. a Weston, and a d., m. a Standish. JABEZ, son of 3d Elkanah, m. Nancy Bartlett, and had Jabez; Mercy, m. William Sears; and others. JABEZ, son of above, [p.57] m. Charlotte W., d. of William Keen, and had Jabez, Sylvester, Charlotte, and William Keen, m. Sarah A. E., d. of William Nelson. JAMES, Plympton, son of David, m., 1765, Priscilla Soule, and had Oliver, 1766; Priscilla, 1768, m. Joseph Wright; James, 1771; Isaiah, 1773; Jane, 1776; Christian, 1778; James, 1782, m. Jael Ellis; Harriet, 1785; Sophia, 1787; Hannah, 1791. JAMES, m. Rebecca, d. of Heman Crocker, and had Edwin, and Alice, m. Luther W. Savery. JESSE, son of 1st Jonathan, m. Abigail, and had Jesse, 1772; Jesse, 1773; Lemuel, 1775; Abigail, 1778; Joseph, 1779; Abigail, 1782; David, 1784; Simeon, 1786; Hannah, 1789; David, 1795. JOB, son of 3d Barnabas, m. Hannah T. Harlow, 1808, and had Barnabas, 1810; Job, 1812, m. Jane D. Reed, Susan (Hutchinson) Rogers, and Nancy (Stetson) Mann; Sylvanus H., 1815; Hannah T., 1817, m. Allen Holmes; Sally, 1819; and Cornelius Bradford, 1824, m. Sarah F., d. of Ezra Cushing. JOHN, came to Plymouth 1643, and m., 1644, Hannah, d. of William Pontus, by whom he had Joseph, Hannah, Eleazer, 1652; Mary, 1654; William, John, and Henry, 1658, m. Mary, wid. of Thomas Doty. JOHN, son of above, m. Rebecca, d. of Philip Delano, and had Elizabeth, 1687, m. Joel Ellis; Rebecca, 1689, m. George Morton; John, 1691; Sarah, 1695; Hannah, 1697, m. Samuel Bartlett. He m., 2d, 1715, Hannah (Mansfield) Bartlett, wid. of Elnathan. JOHN, son of above, m. Bethiah, d. of Ebenezer Spooner, and had Ebenezer, 1721; John, 1723; John, 1727. JOHN, son of above, m. Sarah Cole, 1750, and had Sarah, 1750. JOHN, son of 1st Ansel, m. Nancy, d. of Isaac Jackson of Carver, and had George, John, Hannah, m. Bartlett Ellis; Bethiah, m. Thomas Burgess Bartlett; Nancy; Sally Ann, m. Alden Winsor of Duxbury; and Lillis, in. Joshua B. Loud of Abington. JOHN, son of 1st Joseph, m. Desire Holmes, and had Priscilla, 1701, m. Tholnas Rogers; Samuel, 1704; Sarah, 1706, m. Elkanah Totman; Phebe, 1708, m. Joseph Holmes; Rebecca, 1713, m. Azariah Whiting. JOHN, m. Elizabeth Eames, 1771. JOHN DARLING., son of 1st Sylvanus, m., 1840, Marcia James, d. of Thomas Holmes, and had John Franklin, 1840, in. Clara B., d. of Elkanah C. Finney; Josiah D., 1843, m. Martha E. Tillson; Frederick Lee, 1846, m. Mary Nelson, d. of Ezra Diman. JONATHAN, son of 2d Eleazer, by wife Hannah, had Jonathan, 1745; Jesse, 1746; Samuel, 1750; Hannah, 1760; Francis, 176l; Hannah, 1763; Renben, 1765, m. Hannah Sampson. JONATHAN, son of above, by wife Lydia, had Olive, 1768; Mercy, 1770. JOSEPH, son of 1st John, m. Sarah Hicks, 1672, and had John, 1678; Margaret, 1684, m. Samuel Bates; Barnabas, 16S6; Joseph, 1692. JOSEPH, son of above, m. Abiah Blackwell of Sandwich, 1716, and had Abiah, 1717; Margaret, 1719; Joseph, 1722; Samuel, 1724, m. Mercy Ellis; Joshua, 1726; Sarah, 1728; Mercy, 1733. JOSEPH, son ot above m. Meriah Rider, 1745, and had Ichabod, 1746; Joseph, 1748; Lucy, 1750. JOSEPH, son of 1st Charles, m. Betsey, d. of William Ellis, and had Reenet E., m. Charles F. Harlow; Frederick, m. a Leach; Joseph Lothrop, 1842; Ann Maria, m. Nathaniel Barnes; Hannah; and Betsey, m. Benjamin Weston. JOSEPH, son of Thaddeus, m. Mercy Goodwin, 1804, and had Joseph Lewis, 1805; Amelia, 1807; Edward, 1808; George, 1811; Gustavus, 1814; Marcia Goodwin, 1817; and Charles Thomas. He m., 2d, Lydia LeBaron, d. of Thomas Goodwin, 1823. JOSEPH, Plympton, son of 4th Nathaniel, had [p.58] Joseph, Hosea, and Hiram. JOSEPH, son of above, m. Rebecca Morey, and had Rebecca, Ann, Eunice, and George H., m. Mary Ness. JOSIAH, son of 2d Eleazer, m. Patience, d. of Eleazer Harlow, 1741, and had Josiah, 1742; Josiah, 1743; Thaddeus, 1745, m. Asenath Delano, Patience, 1747, m. Ellis Churchill: Samuel, 1754; Enos, 1759, m. Mary Paine; Sylvanus, 1765. LEMUEL, son of 1st Barnabas, m. Lydia Sylvester, and had Nathaniel, 1743. He m., 2d, Abigail Rider, and had Lemuel, 1754; Abigail, 1756: Ezra, 1755. LEWIS, son of Ellis, m. Nancy Mitchell, 1791, and had Lewis, 1794, m. Hannah Covington; Sylvanus, 1796, m. Elizabeth Carver; Mary, 1798, m. Zacheus Barnes; Joseph, 1804. NATHAN, son of 2d BENJAMIN, m. Elizabeth Sylvester, 1804, and had Mary Sylvester, m. John Parsons; Solomon S., m. Ruth Nelson, d. of John Kempton Cobb; Nathan; Charlotte Sylvester, m. James A. Sylvester; and Betsey, m. Abbot Drew. NATHANIEL, son of 1st Stephen, m. Mary Curtis, and had Experience, 1735. NATHANIEL, m. Susanna Harlow, 1798. NATHANIEL, Plympton, son of 2d William, had Levi, Stephen, Joseph, and Nathaniel, and died 1794. NATHANIEL, Plyrapton, son of above, by wife Lydia, had Abigail, m. a Bisbee; Lydia, m. a Hammond; Levi, Joseph, and Nathaniel. He mentions in his will, probated 1803, grandchildren Lewis, Hosea, and Stephen. OLIVER, Plympton, son of James, m., 1793, Saba Soule, and had Oliver, 1794, m. Sally Bradford and Mary Ann Loring; Frances, 1797, m. Stephen Bonney; Saba Soule, 1800, m. Samuel Churchill of Halifax; Isaiah, 1805 page 63 CLARIS, AMASA, m. Polly Morton, 1812. ANDREW, Boston and Harwich, son of 1st Thomas, m., 1671, Mehitabel, d. of Thomas Scottow of Boston, and had Thomas, 1672; Susanna, 1674; Mehitabel, 1676; [p.60] Andrew, 1678; Scottow, 1680, m. Elizabeth, d. of Kenelm Winslow of Harwich; and Nathaniel, 1682. BENJAMIN, m., 1791, Lydia Atwood, the double widow of William Savery and William Atwood, and d. of George Holmes. BENJAMIN, son of Lothrop, m. Jerusha Morey, 1814, and had BENJAMIN F., 1823, m. Mercy A. Courthey; Lothrop, 1832, m. Marcia B. Clark; Betsey, m. Nathaniel Fessenden of Sandwich; Eleanor, m. Hosea Bartlett; and Eliza F., 1835, m. Stephen Holmes; Jerusha C., 1830; Rebecca B., 1825; Josiah M., 1828. CONSIDER, son of 9th Thomas, m. Sally Sampson, 1803, and had Thomas, 1803, m. Abigail Bartlett; Consider, 1805, m., in Middleboro; Henry Pelham, 1808; Abby, m. a Thomas; and Sarah, m. in Middleboro'. CORNELIUS of Rochester, m. Susanna Dunham, 1731. DANIEL, m. Martha Bramhall, 1805. DAVID, son of Ezra, m. Sophia Harlow, 1848; LucretiaW. Holbrook, 1853; and Sarah J. E. Thurston, 1865. By the lass he had Ella S., m. Laban B. Briggs; Herbert; and Gideon Holbrook. He m., 4th, Ann M. Bartlett, 1879. EDWARD of Boston, m. Elizabeth Watson, 1769, and had Edward. EZRA, son of 6th James, m. Sarah Blackmer, 1819, and had David; Lucy, m. Charles H. Peterson; Sarah, m. James Ellis; and Lewis. He m., 2d, Mary, wid. of Joseph Davis, and d. of William Rogers, 1859. ISRAEL, son of 1st Josiah, m. Deborah Pope of Sandwich, 1741, and had Josiah, 1744; Jerusha, 1745, m. Thomas Ellis; Thomas, 1747, m. Ruth Horny and Lydia Ellis; Thankful, 1750, m. Miles Long and Ezra Holmes; Lurania, 1752, m. Elisha Perry; Betty, 1754, m. John Cornish; Abigail, 1756, m. Josiah Cornish; Olive, 1759; Grace, 1761, m. Sylvester Holmes and John Clark; Seth, 1766, m. Eunice Ellis. ISRAEL, son of 5th Thomas, m. Phebe Cornish, and had Betsey, 1802; Thomas, 1803; Israel, m. Lucia Bartlett and Sally Curtis Blackmer; and John, m. awld. Thurston. JAMES, son of lst Thomas, m., 1657, Abigail, d. of Rev. John Lothrop, and had John; James; Susanna; Abigail; Joanna; Thomas and Bathsheba. JAMES, son of above, m. Ann Rider, 1722, and had James, 1723; Ann, 1724; Abigail, 1727. JAMES, son of above, m. Susanna Haskell, 1750, and had Abigail, 1752; John, 1754. JAMES, son of 1st John, m. Meriba Tupper, 1722, and had Rebecca, 1725; James, 1727. JAMES, son of above, m. Hannah Swift, 1747, and Meriah, 1748, m. Nathaniel Sherman; Lothrop, 1749; Mary, 1753; Mary again, 1756; Hannah, 1758, m. Jonathan Gibbs; Anna, 1760, m. Joseph Bartlett; James, 1762, m. Lucy Bartlett; Sarah, 1765, m. Gideon Holbrook; Seth, 1767, m. Mary Tupper; John, 1771. JAMES, son of above, m. Lucy Bartlett, 1784, and had Jonathan, 1785; Bartlett, 1786; James, 1787; Lucy, 1788; Thankful, 1791; Sarah, 1794, m. Otis Nichols; Rebecca, 1796, m. Ellis Morey; Ezra, 1798; David, 1800; Lewis, 1802. JAMES EASDELL, son of John Howard, m. Avis F. Thresher, 1856, and had James H., and Daniel. JOHN, son of 1st James, by wife Rebecca, had James, 1696; Abigail, 1698; John, 1701; Joseph, 1704; Mary, 1712. JOHN, son of above, m. Rebecca Hathaway of Dighton, 1725, and had John, 1728; Rebecca, 1734. JOHN, son of 5th James, m., 1791, Betsey, d. of Miles Long, and had Thankful, m. Charles Peterson. He m., 2d, Grace, wid. of Sylvester Holmes, and d. of Israel Clark, 1796, and had Betsey, 1796, m. Ivory H. Bartlett; Deborah, 1798, m. Nathaniel Nye of Sandwich, and John, 1800. JOHN, son of 7th William, m, Eleanor Shurtleff, and [p.61] had John Howard, 1794; Eleanor Washburn, 1797, m. Joseph Chamberlin; David, 1800, m. Mary J. Lucas; Amasa S., 1803; Edward Doten, 1809. JOHN, Hanover, son of 7th Thomas, m. Abigail Tolman of Scituate, and had Hannah, 1722; Ruth, m. James Blackenship of Rochester; Nathaniel, 1731; Eleanor, 1732; John; Benjamin; Lydia, m. Joshua Barker; Belcher; Abigail, m. a Bolles of Rochester; and Sage, m. Josiah Mann of Scituate. JOHN, son of 3d Nathaniel, m. Mary, d, of Robert Roberts, 1796, and had Eliza Healey; Sarah Roberts, 1796, m. Ichabod Weston Barstow; and Robert, m. Deborah Douglass. JOHN, son of 4th Nathaniel, m. Sarah Rider, 1808, and had Abigail Dunham, 1809; Sarah, 1810; John William, 1811. JOHN, son of Zoeth, m. Abigail T. Holmes, 1821, and had John T., 1821; Zoeth, 1823; Elizabeth Brown, 1825, m. Otis Wright; and Abigail Thomas 1827, m. Asa Green. JONAS of Boston, m. Martha Rickard, 1765. JOSIAH, son of 2d Thomas, m. Thankful Tupper; and had Elizabeth, 1719; Israel, 1720; Elizabeth, 1725. JOSIAH, son of 1st Israel, m. Hannah Harlow; and had Josiah, 1767; Deborah; and Polly. JOSIAH, son of 5th Thomas, m. Elizabeth Gifford, 1806, and had Josiah Franklin, 1808. JOSIAH, son of 4th William, m. Elizabeth Cornish, and had Elizabeth, 1778; Josiah, 1780; Thomas, 1782; William, 1785; Anna, 1788; Experience, 1791; Lydia, 1793; Abigail, 1795, m, Temple H. Holmes; and Lydia again, 1801. LEMUEL, m. Lydia Bartlett Finney, 1817. LOTHROP, son of 5th James, m. Mary Rider, 1772, and had Mary, 1775; Lothrop, 1778, m. Polly Bartlett; Betsey, 1781; Hannah, 1784, m. Obadiah King; Sarah, 1787; Eleanor, 1790; Benjamin, 1792, m. Jerusha Morey; and Stephen, 1797, m. Cynthia Harlow. NATHANIEL, son of 1st Thomas, one of the council of Andros, and secretary of Plymouth Colony, m. Dorothy, wid. of Edward Gray, and d. of Thomas Lettice, and left no children. NATHANIEL, son of 4th William, m. Lydia Sampson, 1796, and had Lydia, 1798, m. a Hoxie; Esther, 1801, m. Vinal Burgess; Naomi, 1804, m. Thomas Manter; Experience, 1806, m. Hiram Sampson; Mary, 1809, m. George Finney and William Cox; and Nathaniel, 1811, m. Rebecca Finney. NATHANIEL, Hanover, son of 5th John, m. Alice Healey, and had John; Nathaniel; Benjamin, m. Mary Gill of Hingham, and settled in Marshfield; Chloe M., m. John Studley of Hanover, and Alice, m. Levi Caswell of Maine. NATHANIEL, son of above, m. Abigail Dunham, 1786, and had Lydia, 1787, m. Daniel Rider; John, 1789, m. Sally Rider; Nancy, 1791, m. Elijah Edson; Nathaniel, 1796, m. Deborah Mead and a second wife; Amos, 1799; Amos Dunham, 1801; and Harvey, m. a Whitmarsh of Bridgewater. PELEG W. of Middleboro', m. Sarah S. Clark, 1837. RICHARD came in the Mayflower, and soon died, leaving no family. SAMUEL, son of 2d William, m. Mary Finney, 1716, and had Sarah, 1717; Lucie, 1719, m. Abiel Shurtleff; Hannah, 1721; Lurany, 1726; Samuel, 1729. SETH, son of 5th James, m. Mary Tupper, 1780, and had Seth, 1780; Nathaniel, 1792, m. Harriet Washburn; Israel, 1794, m. Catherine Dunbar and Laura Perkins; Nancy, 1798, m. Israel Briggs; Susanna, 1799, m. Howard Nichols of New Bedford; Joseph S., 1801, m. Harriet B., d. of Joseph Bourne of New Bedford. SETH, son of 1st Israel, m. Eunice Ellis, 1789, and had Samuel, m. Hannah (Bartlett) Mayo, 1821; Seth, m. Abigail Bartlett; Deborah, m. Reuben Peterson of Duxbury; and [p.62] Lydia, m. Clark Peterson of Duxbury. SETH, son of above, m. Abigail Bartlett, 1820, and had Seth Pope, 1821, m. Mary S. Weeks and Sarah S. Bartlett; Abba A., 1823; Adaline, 1828, m. Benjamin Finney; and Abby N. B., m. Nathaniel Cornish. THOMAS came in the Ann 1623, and m. before 1634, Susanna, d. of wid. Mary Ring, by whom he had Andrew, 1039; James, 1030; Susanna, m. Barnabas Lothrop; William, 1650; John; and Nathaniel. He m., 2d, 1664, wid. Alice Nichols, d. of Richard Hallet. Savage says He m. for a third wife, Elizabeth Crow, but falls into the error of confounding him with Thomas, the son of 1st James. THOMAS, son of 1st James, m. Rebecca Miller, 1682, and had Susanna, 1684, m. Elisha Holmes; Thomas, 1685. He m., 2d, Elizabeth Crow, 1690, and had Josiah, 1090; Elizabeth, 1692, m. Josiah Morton; Rebecca, 1694, m. Nathaniel Morton. He m., 3d, 1697, Susanna Miller, and had Annah, 1700, m. Gideon Ellis; Abigail, 1701, m. Nathaniel Bartlett; and Sarah, 1704. THOMAS, son of above, by wife Mary, had Meriah, 1714; Sarah, 1716; Thomas, 1718, m. Ruth Morton; Rebecca, 1720, m. Thomas Swift; Susanna, 1723, m. Joseph Fulgham; and Mary. THOMAS, son of 2d William, m Joanna Colman, 1717, and had William, 1718; Abigail, 1720, m. John Thomas; and Lydia, 1725. THOMAS, son of 1st Israel, m. Lydia Ellis, and had Patience, 1776; Israel, 1779; Thomas, 1782; and Josiah, 1784. THOMAS, Scituate, 1670, said to have gone from Plymouth, but probably not connected with Thomas, the passenger in the Ann, m. Martha, d. of Richard Curtis, and had Thomas; Joseph; Daniel; Samuel; Nathaniel; Mercy; Deborah; Rachel; Ann: Charity; and Mary. THOMAS, Scituate, son of above, m. Alice Rogers, 1705, and had John, and perhaps others. THOMAS, Norwich, Conn., m. Elizabeth, d. of Samuel Leonard, 1703, and had Mary, 1705; Thomas, 1709; Elizabeth, 1711; Joseph, 1714; Ruth, 1722. THOMAS, son of 4th Josiah, m. Ellen Bartlett, and had Thomas Edward, 1809, m. Abby Bartlett; and Ivory Hovey, 1812, in. Maria E., d. of Levi Robbins. THOMAS, son of 4th William, m. Abigail Morton, and had Consider, and others. TRISTRAM came to Plymouth from Ipswich, in England, in the Francis, 1634, at the age of 44, with perhaps a wife Faith, and certainly a daughter Faith, who m. Edward Dotey and John Phillips. He had also two sons, Tristram or Thurston, and Henry, both probably without issne. WILLIAM, Duxbury, is erroneously stated by Savage to have been son of 1st Thomas. He m. Martha, d. of Samuel Nash, and probably died without issue. WILLIAM, son of 1st Thomas, m., 1678, Hannah, d. of Francis Griswold of Saybrook, and had Sarah, 1078, m. Ephraim Little; William, 1682; Nathaniel, 1684; Samuel, 1687; and Thomas. He m., 2d, Abiah Wilder, 1692, and had Hannah, 1697, m. Joseph Cobb. Savage calls this William of Saybrook, but the births of his children are recorded in Plymouth, and the writer has, in the course of his investigations, discovered a deed from the 1st Thomas to William and Abiah, called his children, dated January 30, 1695, of lands conveyed to them in consideration of his support by them in his old age. Thomas died in 1697, at the age of 98. WILLIAM, son of above, m. Bethiah Mayhew, 1707, and had Nathaniel, 1709; Sarah, 1712, m. Jabez Holmes; and Matthew, 1714. WILLIAM, son of 4th Thomas, [p.63] m. Experience Dotey, 1788, and had Nathaniel, 1738; William, 1741; Josiah, 1743; Lydia, 1744; Nathaniel, 1747, m. Lydia Sampson; Josiah, 1750, m. Elizabeth Cornish; Thomas, 1753, m. Abigail Morton; Experience, 1755; Abigail, 1758, m. Josiah Cornish. WILLIAM, son of 4th Josiah, m. Nancy Bartlett, 1808. He m., 2d, Betsey, wid. of Joseph Whiting, and d. of Ichabod Morton, 1831, and had Elizabeth H., m. Sydney T. Holmes. WILLIAM, m. Zilpah Brashall, 1790. WILLIAM, son of 4th William, m. Sarah Howard, and had John, born 1705, and others. ZOETH, Carver and Plymouth, born 1766, m. Rebecca Thomas of Middleboro', and had John, m. Abigail T. Holmes; Patience, m. Abraham Dunham; Hannah, m. Thomas F. White; and Rebecca. ZOETH, son of 7th John, m. Rebecca M. Wright, 1848, and had Ella Maria, 1851; John Thomas, m. Mary Fernside; Zoeth; and Horatio Cushman. (See Clark Genealogy). View full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 100 EATON, APOLLOS, son of Joel, m. Parna Leach, and had Charles, m. a Leonard; Calvin; Henry; Adam, m. a King of Taunton; Diana, m. Oliver Eaton; Lucy, m. a Richmond and a Bailey; Caroline, m. Cyrus King of Providence; Alice, m. Abiathar Leonard; and Parna. BARNABAS, Middleboro', son of 2d Samuel, by 1st wife, Mehitabel, had Hannah, 1732; Samuel; Mary, 1735; Sarah, 1737; Seth, 1739. He m., 2d, 1743, Elizabeth Clemens, and had Lot, 1744, m. Martha Cobb; Mehitabel, 1747; Elizabeth, 1749; Ziba, 1750; Nathan, 1753; Wealthy, 1755; Keziah, 1757; Meribah, 1760. BENJAMIN, son of 1st Francis, m., 1660, Sarah Hoskins, and had William; Benjamin, 1664; Rebecca, m. Josiah Rickard; and Ebenezer. BENJAMIN, son of above, m. Mary Coombs, and had William, 1691; Hannah, 1692; Francis; Jabez, 1693; Sarah, 1695, m. Benjamin Cushman; John, 1697, m. Elizabeth Fuller, and probably Mary; Elizabeth; Benjamin, 1698; Elisha; and David. He had a 2d wife, Susanna. BENJAMIN, Kingston, son of above, by wife Mercy, had Mary, 1726; Jabesh, 1728; Noah, 1734; Mary, 1735; Seth, 1738; James; and Benjamin. He m., 2d, 1746, Mary Tinkham, and had Benjamin, m. Hannah Holmes, 1771. DAVID, Kingston, son of 2d Benjamin, m. Deborah Fuller, and had Jabez, 1746; Job, 1749; Consider, 1752.; Joshua, 1755; Eunice, 1759; Lot; and Abner. EBENEZER, son of 1st Benjamin, m., 1701, Hannah Rickard, [p.100] and had Ebenezer, 1702; Benjamin, 1704; Mercy, 1706; Elisha, 1708; Gideon, 1712; Joanna, 1716. FRANCIS came in the Mayflower 1620, with wife Sarah, and son Samuel. He had a 2d wife by whom he had Rachel, m. Joseph Ramsden; and a 3d, Christian Penn, before 1627, by whom he had BENJAMIN, 1627. FRANClS, Middleboro' who died about 1749, had Susanna; BENJAMIN; Mary; Elijah; and John. FRANCIS, Kingston, son of 2d Benjamin, m., 1727, Thankful Alden, and had Joseph, 1728; Jabez, 1731. He m., 2d, Lydia, d. of John Fuller, 1733, and had Sylvanus, 1734, m. Deborah Caswell; Thankful, 1735; John, 1737; Mary, 1739; Elijah, 1740, m. Sarah Shaw; Benjamin, 1742; Susanna, 1743. ISRAEL, Middleboro', son of 4th Samuel, m., 1781, Eunice Rickard, and had Zenas, 1782; Lindall, 1785; Eunice, 1787; Israel, 1790; Andrew, 1795; Oliver, 1799. By a 2d wife, Keziah, he had Daniel. JOEL, son of Joseph, m., 1774, Lucy Leonard, and had Apollos, 1775; Polycarpus, 1777; Alfred, 1779; Cynthia, 1782; Caroline, 1787, m. Josiah Robinson. JOSEPH, Middleboro', son of 3d Francis, m., 1750, Hannah Crossman, and had Joel, 1751; Abigail, 1754; Francis, 1756; Mary, 1760. NATHAN, Middleboro', son of Barnabas, by wife Margaret, had Hannah; Martha, 1777; Barnabas, 1782; Ziba, 1784; Sarah, 1786; Mehitabel, 1789; Nancy, 1791; Luther, 1793; Elizabeth, 1796. SAMUEL, Duxbury and Middleboro', son of 1st Francis, m., 1661, Martha Billington, and had probably Mercy, m. Samuel Fuller; and Samuel. SAMUEL, Middleboro', son of above, m. Elizabeth, d. of Samuel Fuller, and had Mercy, 1695; Keziah, 1700; Elizabeth, 1701; Barnabas, 1703. SAMUEL, Middleboro', who died about 1820, had Israel; Enos; Daniel; Darius; Samuel; Mehitabel; and Eauice. SAMUEL, Middleboro', son of Barnabas, m., 1753, Patience Tinkham, and had Samuel, 1754; Barnabas, 1757; Israel, 1760; Mehitabel, 1763; Daniel, 1767; Darius, 1770; Eunice, m. a Bryant; Enos, 1773. TIMOTHY, Boston, m. Eliza Kinsbury o! Canton, and had Timothy T. TIMOTHY T., son of above, m., 1844, Salina, d. of Samuel Eliot of Plymouth, and had Timothy, 1846; Timothy E., 1847; Charles A., 1848. m. Addle E. Wrightington; Helen S., m. John Dunn; and Salina H. ZIRA, Middleboro', son of Barnabas, m., 1773, Ruth Leonard, and had Solomon, 1774; Betty, 1777; Clemmons, 1780; Ruth, 1783. View full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 122 HACKET, CALVIN, m., 1827, Mary Caswell. JOSEPH, from Taunton, m., 1815, Deborah Doty. View full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 124 HALL, EBER, son of 4th William, m. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Burgess, 1812, and had Mary; Belinda, m., 1st, a Hamilton; and 2d, Daniel Sears; Eber W.; William; and John T. EBER W., son of above, m. Deborah Ann Potter of Needham, 1845, and had Helen M., m. Sylvanus F. Swift; Edwin F., 1848; William H., m. Catherine M. Rogan; Ann Elizabeth, 1854, m. Nathaniel B. Pratt and Samuel Nutter; Almira D., 1857, m. Otis H. Raymond; Walter D., 1859, m. Emma F., d. of Benjamin Holmes; and John T., 1862. ICHABOD, m. Priscilla Cowit, 1804. ISAAC T., son of James, m. Nancy Rickard, and had James M., 1859; and Nancy E., 1861. He m., 2d, Mary E., d. of Thomas C. Atwood, 1866, and had Mary T., 1866; and Herman W., 1868. He m., 3d, Eliza, d. of William Cripps, 1872, and had Mary E., 1872; Eldora M., 1874; Emma F., 1876; and Carrie A., 1880. JAMES, son of 2d John, m. Mary, d. of Samuel N. Holmes, and had Isaac Thomas; James M., 1841; and Mary E., 1846, m. Charles N. Bourne. JASPER, m. Violet Otis, 1782. JOHN, Yarmouth, from Coventry, England, had two wives, Bethiah and Elizabeth; and had Joseph, 1642; John, 1645; Elizabeth, 1648; William, 1651; Samuel; Benjamin; Nathaniel; Elisha; and Gershom. JOHN, son of 1st Luke, m. Mary Pixley, 1805, and had Wendell, 1806; James, 1808; Eliza, 1809, m. Robert King; William, 1810; Hannah, 1812; Reuben, 1814; John, 1815; Lewis, 1817; and Mary Ann, 1819, m. Guilford E. Cunningham. He m., 2d, 1822, Hannah, d. of Cornelius Holmes. JOHN T., son of 1st Eber, m. Betsey, d. of Joab Thomas, 1843, and had Laura, 1844, m. Joseph B. Whiting; and Emma S., 1850. JOHN F., son of 6th William, m. Abby T. Dunning, 1865, and had Herbert D., 1870. He m., 2d, Addle E., d. of Charles Nelson, 1875. JOHN, m. Mary Leach, 1761. JOSEPH, son of a John of Rochester, and grandson of 1st John, m. Mary Morton, 1711. JUDAH, son of an Elisha of Yarmouth, and grandson of 1st John, m. Mehitabel Faunce, 1714, and had Judah, 1714. LEwis, son of 2d John, m. Mary Ann Cunningham, 1840, and, 2d, Mehitabel P., d. of Oliver Holmes, 1860, by whom he had LucyK., 1861; Marlana T., 1863; and Addle. LUKE, Rochester, son of 3d William, m. Elizabeth Westgate, and had William; Luke; Seth; Hannah, m. a Westgate; Lucy, m. a Blake; Wealthea, m. a Pixley; Huldah, m. a Crossman of Taunton; and Rhoda, m. John Johnson of Charlestown. LUKE, of Duxbury, or Marshfield, m. Lucy Ann (Joyce) Burbank, wid. of John, 1844. NATHAN, from Cape Cod, m. Sally, d. of Thomas Burgess, 1827, and had Nathan Thomas, 1828. PRANCE of Bridgewater, m. Alice Crook, 1785. REUBEN, son of 2d John, m. Joanna King, 1836, and had Joanna, 1837; Hannah H., 1839; and James K., 1850. ROBERT B., son of Charles of Boston, and wife Catherine, d. of Robert and Sally (Cunningham) McNeil, m. Abby Morton, d. of Nathaniel Morton Davis, 1841, and had Alice B., 1842, m. Dwight Faulkner. The grandfather of Robert B., was Stephen, m. Margaret Cunningham, who was the son of Pelatiah, who m. Sarah, d. of Samuel and Mary (Breck) Paul of Dorchester; the father of Pelatiah was Stephen, [p.124] the son of Stephen of Concord, who m., 1663, Ruth, d. of Dolor Davis. SYLVANUS, brother of Judah, m. Elizabeth Doggert, 1725. WENDALL, son of 2d John, m. Mary Ann Gray, 1829, and had Mary W., 1830, m. Edward L. Dotcu. He m., 2d, Betsey D. Mayo, 1835, and had John Atwood, 1838; Harriet C., 1840, m. Shepard B. Wilbur of Brockton; and Seth M., 1847. WILLIAM, Rochester, son of 1st John, by wife Rebecca, had William, and probably others. WILLIAM, son of above, lived in Rochester, and had a son William. WILLIAM, Rochester, son of above, m. Betsey Haskins, and had William, and Luke. WILLIAM, son of above, m. Temperance Saunders, and had William; Eber; Temperance, m. Levi Haskins of Marion; Orpha, m. John Haskins and John Hammond; Ruby, m. Levi Maxim and a Sears; and Cynthia. WILLIAM, son of 1st Luke, m. Lucinda Maxim, 1808, and had Eunice R., m. Elijah Caswell of Middleboro. WILLIAM, son of 2d John, m. Susan, d. of Nicholas Spinks Bagnail; and had Susan Williams, 1834, m. Robert B. Leach; John Frederick, 1837; William, 1839; Lucy Ann, 1840; Georgiana, 1842; William C., 1844; Edward W., 1845; Leonice A., 1848; Alvira, 1851; Charles H., 1852; Edna Bagnail, 1854; Emily Judson, 1856; and Henry W., 1860. page 172 LEONARD, ABNER, from Middleboro', born 1807, m., 1830, Zilpha Morton, and had Clarinda, 1831; Betsey M., 1833; Eliza A., 1834; Abner, 1837; Sumner, 1839, m. Isabella, d. of Barnabas Ellis; Charles H., 1841, m. Mary, d. of Charles Tilson; Abner, 1843, m. Eliza Robbins of Falmouth; Clarinda, 1845, m. Henry F. Gibbs;Foster, 1848. BENJAMIN, Taunton, son of James, m., 1679, Sarah Thrasher, and had Sarah, 1680; Benjamin, 1684; Hannah, 1685; Jerusha, 1689; Hannah, 1691; Joseph, 1693; Henry, 1695. ELKANAH, Middleboro', son of 1st Thomas, by wife Charity, had Joseph, 1705; Rebecca, 1706; Abiah, 1707; and Elkanah. EPHRAIM, son of 2d Philip, m., 1804, Elizabeth Churchill, and had George Churchill, 1806; Ephraim, 1808; Richard Warren, 1810. GEORGE, Taunton, son of 1st Thomas, m., 1695, Ann Tisdale, and had George, 1698; Nathaniel, 1700; Abigail, 1703; Ephraim, 1706. JAMES, born in Pontypool, England, son of a Thomas, came with a brother Henry, settled in Lynn, and Philip settled in Marshfield, and appeared. in Providence, 1645, Taunton, 1652, and afterwards in Lynn and Braintree. He had Thomas, 1641, m. Mary Watson; James, m., 1st, a wife Hannah, and 2d, Lydia Gulliver; Abigail; Joseph, m. Mary Black of Milton; Benjamin; Hannah, m. Isaac Deane; Uriah; John, 1662, m. Elizabeth, d. of Thomas Caswell. He had a 2d wife, Margaret, without children. JOSEPH, son of BENJAMIN, had a son Philip. JOSEPH N., son of 3d Nathaniel, m. Abby, d. of Benjamin Crandon, and had Benjamin Crandon, Mary Ellen, and Sarah. NATHANIEL, Norton and Plymouth, son of George, m., 1724, Priscilla Rogers, and had Sarah, 1724, m. Joseph LeBaron; Anna, 1728; Mary, 1729; Nathaniel, [p.172] 1730; Priscilla, 1732; George, 1742; Thomas, 1744; and Phebe. NATHANIEL, son of above, m., 1761, Bethiah Rider, and had Nathaniel, 1765; William, 1767; Thomas, 1770. NATHANIEL WARREN, son of 2d Philip, m., 1795, Mary Warren, and had James Easdell, 1796, m. Abby Bishop; Mary W., 1799, m. Zebidee Leonard of Middleboro'; Nathaniel W., 1801, m. Eunice Finney; Joseph Nelson, 1804; Eleanor Warren, 1806, m. George Bramhall; William M., 1809, m. Susan Morton. PAUL, from Raynham, m., 1759, Mary Rider. PHILIP, Marshfield, son of Thomas of Pontypool, by wife Lydia, had Phebe, m. Samuel Hill of Duxbury. PHILIP, son of 1st Joseph, had Philip. PHILIP, son of above, m., 1766, Hannah Warren, and had Nathaniel Warren, 1768; Ephraim; Hannah, m. Caleb Morton; Mary; Phebe, m. Caleb Finney. SAMUEL, Norwich, son of Solomon, m. Abigail, d of John Wood of Plymouth, and had Elizabeth, m. Thomas Clark, and others. SOLOMON, Duxbury, 1637, afterwards Bridgewater, had Solomon, Samuel, Jokn, Jacob, Mary, and Isaac. THOMAS, Taunton, son of James, born in England, m., 1662, Mary Watson of Plymouth, and had Mary, 1663; Thomas, 1666; John, 1668, m. Mary King; George, 1671; Samuel, 1674, m. Catherine, d. of Thomas Dean; Elkanah, 1677; Jalnes, 1679; Seth, 1682; Phebe, 1684; Elizabeth, 1686. THOMAS, son of 2d Nathaniel, m., 1793, Sally Babb, and had Priscilla, 1793; Abigail, 1795, m. Henry Hollis; Nathaniel, 1797; Sally Thomas, 1799; Thomas, 1802. His wid. m. John Ridgebl, and had Bethiah Johnson, m. Isaac Austin. WILLIAM, son of 2d Nathaniel, m., 1791, Rebecca Bartlett, Susanna Bartlett, 1805, daughters of Ephraim, and Abigail, d. of Richard Holmes and wid. of Ephraim Bartlett, 1812, and had Eleanor, m. John Macomber; and Rebecca, m. Olive Weston. View full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 211 RAYMOND, ALLEN, son of Caleb, m. Fear Chubbuck, 1816, and had Shadrack A.; Abigail, m. Isaac Swift, and afterwards Nelson W. Brown. ASA, m. Mercy Norris, 1791. CALEB, m. Deborah Harlow, 1782, and had [p.211] Caleb, Allen, Isaiah, Calvin; Diana, m. Lemuel Vaughn; Deborah, m. Ellis Shaw; Melissa, m. Dennis Pierce; and Hope, m. a Hartshorn. CALVIN, son of above, m. Polly Cahoon, and had Allen, 1823; Calvin, 1825; Weston, 1829; Seth S., 1831; Micajah, 1832; Josiah, 1834; Cordelia, 1837; and Margana, 1838. He m., 2d, Sarah Douglass, and had Dora and Samuel. CALVIN, by wife Betsey, had Lewis, 1833; Lucy, 1840. CHARLES, m. Jerusha Clark, 1818. CHARLES, son of 1st George, m. Eunice Morton Atwood, and had Charles Anthony. CLARK, m. Sarah Hail, 1797. EDGAR C., son of 1st George, m. Mary Grace Hughes, and had Mary Ellen, m. Edwin L. Edes and William Hughes. ELEAZER SEABURY, son of 1st George, m. Mercy Warren, d. of Thomas McLaughlin, and had Adelaide, m. Charles Barnes; Priscilla; Robert N.; and Joseph E., m. a Bird. EZEKIEL, m. Sarah Perkins, 1778, and had Perkins. GEORGE, born 1782, from Boston, m. Priscilla Shaw of Middleboro', and had George, 1804; Charles, 1806: William S., 1807; Eleazer Seabury, 1809; Newell, 181l; Priscilla, 1813, m. Seth McLaughlin; Harvey S., 1815; Phebe S., 1818, m. Jonathan Douglass Dike; Anna R., 1820, m. Joseph M. Bradford of Falmouth; Charles, 1823; and Edgar C., 1825. GEORGE, son of above, m. Lydia A. Atwood, 1829, and had Frederick Augustus Sumner, m. Maria Brewster of Duxbury; George LeBaron, m. Mary Hall of Boston; Haunah Wheatley, Charles Moore, Margaret Hodge, and Benjamin Gleason. HARVEY S., son of 1st George, m. Betsey Allen, d. of Anthony Dike, and had George Anthony, m. Nellie Reed. ISAIAH, son of Caleb, m. Jane Nickerson, and had Adoniram, m. Betsey Swift; James, m. a Swift; Isaiah, m. Sarah Valler; Otis H., m. Almira Hall; Emeline, m. Shadrack A. Raymond; Susan, m. Stephen Cahoon; Jane, m. Wheldon Pierce; and Lucinda, m. Joseph Hathaway. LEMUEL, m. Betsey Caswell, 1819. NEWELL, son of 1st George, m. Celia Nye Bradford of Falmouth, and had Cordelia A., m. Leander Baker of Falmouth; Mary C., Joseph N., Edgar C. He m., 2d, wid. Anna (Richardson) Thomas of Freetown, and had Anna Newell. PERKINS, son of Ezekiel, by wife Elizabeth, had Eliza, 1803; Melissa, 1805; Lucy, 1808; Lewis, 1811; Sally, 1814; Samuel Abbot, 1818; Irena; 1822; David Drew, 1824; Eunice Sturtevant, l827. STEPHEN, m. Elizabeth Holmes, 1785. WILLIAM S., son of 1st George, m., 1829, Mary C., wid. of Samuel Churchill, and had William Francis and Emily Jane, both of whom went with their father to Illinois. View full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 234 [p.234] SEVER, or SEAVER, CALEB, Roxbury, son of Robert Scarer, dropped the letter "a" in his name. He m. Sarah, probably d. of John Ingoldsby of Boston, 1671, and had Caleb, 1673;Elizabeth, 1676; Nathaniel, 1677; Niclmlas, 1680; Thomas, 1682; and Sarah, 1686. CHARLES SEVER, son of 1st John, m., 1827, Jane A. E., d. of Daniel Roberts Elliott, and had Catherine Elliott, John; Jane E., m. Alexander M. Harrison; and Charles, m. Mary Webber of Cambridge. JAMES SEVER, Kingston, son of 1st William, m., 1796, Jane, d. of John Russell of Plymouth, and had James Warren, m. Ann Carter of Boston; Thomas Russell, Jane Russell, Elizabeth Parsons, and Sarah Ann Warren. JAMES NICHOLAS SEVER, Kingston, son of 1st John, m., 1819, Mercy Foster, d. of George Russell, and had George Russell, James Nicholas, Winslow Warren, Charlotte, and Nancy. He m., 2d, Jane Nichols of Kingston. JOHN SEVER, Kingston, son of 1st William, m., 1790, Nancy, d. of John Russell of Plymonth, and had William R., John, James Nicholas; Winslow Warren, m. C. Freeman; Sarah Winslow, m. William Thomas of Plymouth; and Charles. JOHN SEVER, Kingston, son of above, m. Ann Dana, and had Ann Dana, Mary, Emily; Ellen, m. Rev. Theodore Tibbets and George S., Hale, and Martim. Joshua SEAVER, Dorchester, son of Robert, m. Mary, wid. of Joseph Pepper, 1678, and had Joshua, 1679; Mary, 1683. By a 2d wife, Mary, he had Mary, 16S4; Ebenezer, 1687; John, Sarah, Jemima, Robert, and Jonathan. JOSHUA SEAVER, son of above, m. Mercy Cooke, and had Joshua, Mercy, Samuel, Elizabeth, and William. NATHANIEL SEAVER, son of 4th William, m. Hannah Loco of Boston, and had Horace, now living in Boston, and probably others. NICHOLAS SEVER, Kingston, son of Caleb, m., 1728, Sarah, wid. of Charles Little, and d. of James Warren, and had John, m. Judith Cooper; James, and William. He m., 2d, 1757, Susanna Winslow of Boston. ROBERT SEAVER came in the Mary and John 1634, and settled in Roxbury, where he m. Elizabeth Ballard, or Allard, 1634, and had Shubael, 1640; Joshua, 1641; Caleb; Elizabeth, 1643; Nathaniel, 1646; Hannah, 1648; Hannah again, 1650. WILLIAM SEVER, Kingston, son of Nicholas, m., 1755, Sarah, d. of James Warren, and had Sarah, m. Thomas Russell; William, m. Mary Chandler; James, m. Jane, d. of John Russell; Ann Warren, and John. He m., 2d, 1798, Mercy, wid. of John Russell, and d. of Nathaniel Foster, 1795. WILLIAM, son of above, m., about 1755, Sarah, d. of James Warren, and had Penelope W., m. Levi Lincoln; William James, m. A. Trask; Ann W., m. John Brazier. WILLIAM SEAVER, son of 2d Joshua, m. Patience Trescott of Dorchester, and had William, Ebenezer, Sarah, Rebecca, Ruth, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Patience, Mary, and Robert. WILLIAM SEAVER, Taunton, son of above, m. Molly Foster of Dorchester, and had Molly Foster, m. Samuel Caswell. He m., 2d, wid. Thankful Stetson of Braintree, and had John, Nathaniel, Hannah, Benjamin, Samuel; and William, who m. Lydia Presbry of Taunton, and was the father of Lydia, who m. Allen Danforth of Plymouth. (See Seaver, or Sever Genealogy). View full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GENEALOGICAL REGISTER of PLYMOUTH FAMILIES page 286 WHITING, WHITTEN, Or WHITON, ABRAHAM WHITTEN, Kingston, son of 2d Elisha, m. Sally Robbins, 1796, and had Abraham; Sally, m. Joseph Wright; Polly, m. Thadeus Washburn of Kingston; and Charles. ABRAHAM WHITTEN, son of above, m. Lucia H. Holmes, 1826, and had Francis L., m. wid. Augusta P. Cady; Horace C., m. Jane E., d. of William Stephens; and Orrin Brooks, m. Abby Cushing. AMOS WHITTEN, son of 2d Elisha, m. Priscilla, d. of Barnabas Holmes, 1803, and had Samuel Marshal, Amos; Priscilla, m. Jason Murdock uf Wareham; and Lucia Ann, m. a Stetson of Kingston. ASA WHITING, Salem, probably son of 2d Joseph, m. Anna Thistle, and had John T., and Asa Alden. ASA ALDEN, son of above, m. Mary Millet Nichols, and had George A., 1838, m. Sarah Elizabeth, d. of Francis J. Goddard of Plymouth; Annie, 1840, m. Charles O. Churchill of Plymouth; Lucy, 1842, m. William A. Tarbell; John, m. Mary Winsor of Duxbury; and Sarah, m. William A. Munroe. BENJAMIN WHITING, son of 2d Elisha, m. Martha Harlow, and had Benjamin, m. Susan L. Finney; Ellis, m. Hannah C. Nickerson; John, Josiah; Martha, m. Ephraim F. Churchill; and Nancy, m. Rufus Sampson. BENJAMIN WHITING, son of above, m. Susan L. Finney, 1827, and had Benjamin, m. Lucy Hammond; and Josiah, m. Lydia C. White of Weymouth. CHARLES WHITTEN, son of 1st Abraham, m. Mary R. Holmes, 1827, and had Charles, m. Lydia N. Bradford, M. Anna Sears, and Charlotte A. Irving; Lewis Holmes, m. Emeline A., d. of Robert Hutchinson; Abraham, m. Ruth W. Sears; Rufus Robbins, m. wid. Pauline (Wheeler) Wellington; Elisha Cobb; and Edward W., m. Laura Diman. ELISHA [p.285] WHITON, son of 3d James, m, Joanna, d. of John Dunham, 1728, and had Elisha, 1729; Joanna, 1731; Alpheus, m. Ruth Grafton; Azariah, m. wid. Rebecca (Churchill) Holmes; and Mercy, m. Ebenezer Doten. ELISHA WHITON, son of above, m. Betsey Holmes, and had Levi, m. Ruth Finney and Mary Barden; Joseph, m. Sarah Morton and Polly Morton; Nathan, m. Rebecca Doten; Ephraim, m, Elizabeth Bartlett; Benjamin, m. Martha Harlow; Josiah, moved to Ohio; Mary, m. Josiah Morton; and Josie, all of whom assumed the name of Whiting. He m., 2d, Mary (Harding) Howard, wid. of Jesse, and had Abraham, Melzar, and Amos, all of whom assumed the name of Whitten. ELISHA WHITING, son of 1st Joseph, m. Almira Holmes, and had Caroline Augusta, m. William F. Spear; Mary Ellen, m. Winslow S. Holmes; Abby Iowa, Elisha; Joseph B., m. Laura T., d. of John T. Hall; and Fanny, m. William H. Moore, living in the state of New York. EPHRAIM WHITING, son of 2d Elisha, m. Elizabeth, d. of Ephraim Bartlett, 1795, and had Ephraim, m. Patience Everson; and BENJAMIN, m. Phebe R. Flemmons. GEORGE WHITING, son of 1st Joseph, m. Betsey P. Holmes, and had Emma, m. William H. Clark; and Georgianna. HENRY WHITING, son of 1st Joseph, m. Grace, d. of Ellis Holmes, and had Henry, 1816, m. Nancy, d. of William Burgess; Winslow, 1820, m. Abby Holmes; Pelham, 1823, m. Sophia B. Straffin. JAMES WHITON, the ancestor, was in Hingham 1647, where he m. in that year Mary, d. of John Beal, and had James, 1651; Matthew, 1653, m. Deborah, wid. of John Howard; John, 1655; David and Jonathan, twins, 1658; Enoch, 1659, m. Mary Lincoln; Thomas, 1662, m. Joanna Garnet; Mary, 1664, m. Isaac Wilder, and a 2d husband named Jordan. JAMES WHITON, Hingham, son of above, by wife Abigail, had Hannah, 1678, m. John King; James, 1680, m. Mercy, d. of Matthew Whiton; John, 1681; Samuel, 1685, m. Margaret Williams and Elizabeth Williams; Joseph, 1687, m. Martha Tower; Judith, 1689, m. James White; Rebecca, 1691; Benjamin, 1693, m. Sarah Tower; Solomon, 1695. JAMES WHITON, Hingham, son of above, m. Mercy, d. of Matthew Whiton, and had Mary, 1710; James, 1712, moved to Hartford; Matthew, 1714; Jael, 1718, m. Isaac Thayer; Nathan, 1721; Cornelius, 1723; and Elisha. JOHN, Plympton, son of 1st James, by wife Bethiah, had Azariah, 1711; Alice, 1713; Jedidah, 1714; Zachens, 1716; Alphens, 1718; Bethiah, 1720; John, 1722; Thomas, 1724. JOSEPH WHITING, son of 2d Elisha, m. Sarah Morton, 1789, and had Abigail, 1790, m. Rufus Gibbs; Joseph, 1792, m. Betsey, d. of Ichabod Morton; and Henry,. 1794. He m., 2d, Polly Morton, and had Sarah, 1804, m. Joseph Phillips of Duxbury; Eleanor, 1806; James Harvey, 1808; Elisha, 1811; and George. JOSEPH WHITING, Bridgewater, son of 2d Solomon, m. Abigail, d. of Isaac Alden, 1778, and had probably Asa. LEVI WHITING, son of 2d Elisha, m. Ruth Finney, 1784, and had Levi, m. Deborah Morton. He m., 2d, Mary Barden, 1812. MELZAR WHITTEN, Kingston, Son of 2d Elisha, m., 1805, Wealthea Delano and wid. Deborah Caswell, and had Melzar, m. Susan, d. of Benjamin Delano. NATHAN WHITING, son of 2d Elisha, m. Rebecca Doten, 1795, and had Nathan, 1797, m. Polly Finney; Elizabeth Doten, 1798, m. Seth Finney; Olive, 1800; Rebecca, 1803, m. Henry Morton; Adoniram, 1805, m. Lucy F. Ingalls and Sarah W. Manter; Stephen, 1807; Levi, 1808, [p.286] m. Betsey W. Hueston; Stephen, 1810; and Hannah, 1810, m. Abner Burgess. He m., 2d, Betsey Howland, 1817. NATHAN, son of above, m. Polly Finney, and had Polly F., 1818, John, 1822; Nathan, 1823; Albert, 1828; Edward, 1830; Lydia F., 1835; Harriet, 1837; Adoniram, 1840; Leavitt, 1842. SAMUEL MARSHAL WHITTEN, son of Amos, m. Harriet Bartlett, and had Abbie, m. Leonidas C. Jewett; Cora, m. John B. Wilson, Jr.; Alice, m. Albert T. Harlow; Harriet E., m. Josiah Russell Drew; Samuel A., m. Nellie Ellis; and Joseph B., unmarried. SOLOMON WHITON, Hanover, son of 2d James, m. Jael, d. of Joseph Dunham, 1721, and had Jael, 1722; Solomon, 1724; Ruth, 1726; Deborah, 1728; Mercy, 1730; Thankful, 1732; Silence, 1734; Comfort, 1736; Melea, 1739; Rebecca, 1741. SOLOMON WHITON, Hanover, son of above, m. Mary Campbell, 1746, and had Asa, 1747; Solomon, 1751; Joseph, 1754; Peleg, 1758; Jael, Ruth, Mary, and Betsey. APPENDIX PART II page 324 [p.324] HASKINS, NATHAN H., in the text; name of son-in-law was Horatio S. Caincron. WILLIAM, last in the text, m., 1677, Sarah Caswell. History of Paris, Maine from Its Settlement to 1880 with a History of the Grants of 1736 & 1771 Together with Personal Sketches, a Copious Genealogical Register and an Appendix Hill. The mother d. Nov. 16, 1847, m. 2d, Emeline, dau. of Capt. Emmor Rawson, Oct. 5, 1848. She d. Nov. 6, 1852, m. 3d, Harriet, wid. of John A. Caswell, and dau. of Joseph Whitman of Woodstock, May 4, 1853. She was b. April 3, 1824. Click to view full context -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History of Paris, Maine from Its Settlement to 1880 with a History of the Grants of 1736 & 1771 Together with Personal Sketches, a Copious Genealogical Register and an Appendix Maxim.

Clara, m. Frank Knight, s. in Wayne; Patience, m. Jason Caswell; Eliza, b. March 20, 1802, m. Asa, son of Asa Upton of Norway, and resides in Wayne; Samuel, b. May 13, 1804, m. Caroline Bryant and s. in Sangerville; Lucy, b. 1810, m. Jesse Bishop and resides in Wayne; Isaac, m. Harriet Stevens and s. in Wayne; Hiram, a son of Isaac, has become hoted through the electrle light which bears his name. History of Paris, Maine from Its Settlement to 1880 with a History of the Grants of 1736 & 1771 Together with Personal Sketches, a Copious Genealogical Register and an Appendix Perkins. I Lydia Ann. b. Sept. 15, 1817, m. Wm. H. Caswell.